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Who Is Divine Celiane?

I am Divine Celiane.  A fierce spirit that ignites the passion of transformation in others!  I am here to help you create yourself into what you always wanted to be, a better version of yourself!


Divine Celiane has been an educator for over 20 years with diverse populations in Northern California. She has gained her experience working in and out of the classroom, through both music and curriculum.

"Through those years I have seen too much, and like the system has seen too little happening. So I decided to dedicate myself to breaking the lies of fear and teaching people to step into love."

Divine graduated from UC Berkeley, with a degree in Social Welfare/Psychology emphasis. She received her three teaching credentials from St. Mary's. College of California, where Divine will be pursuing a Master's in Special Education. Divine's passion is helping people realize they are the love they seek and teaching the latest serious, "Loving the Authentic Spirit".

Divine's is an aspiring actress and a legendary performer known as "Celiane the Voice".

"In the end, it is who you become that matters. Titles mean nothing." And thus in knowing and having understanding, Loving the Authentic Self was born.

If you want to know your journey, she will help you take that first step....






Divine Celiane

Empathic Healer & Dakini
Divine Love Oracle
Love Warrior Coach


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