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Transformational Tantra Coaching


Many times when we want to create ourselves anew, we look only to the outside appearance, but what good is that if our basis of what makes you, you doesn't change to fit that new face? Change comes from inside first to manifest into the beauty that is all you!


We offer holistic approach to starting a new you!   Purchase a la cart, or as a monthly coaching package that fits your specific needs!

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The Power of the Programming Coaching


Welcome to the first step of my individualized program.  This begins your journey towards self-love based on things positive about you.  Thru your strengths you are able to navigate the challenges and appreciate the love you are.

You will Learn:

-To Love your spirit authentically, with no shame or guilt.

-To grow in your spirit and forgive yourself

-How to see your scripts and throw them away

-Change to move forward is scary, but necessary

-You are not alone.

-Love your spirit where you are at at right now

-Tools to heal your spirit one step at a time

-To create your own manifestation intentions to listen to

The One-to-One coaching program consists of:

*An Individualized Self-Grow Plan: This is a comprehensive plan based on where you are at right now thru honest reflection, inquiry and observation.  I talk with you at the beginning to get a sense of what is holding you back and how to move past it. (Worth $2000)

*Strength Based Psychology (Positive Psychology) assessment and strategies: You will be able to assess using one of the most comprehensive technologies over the last 40 years to discover true personality traits that serve us today.  You also get a chance to look at why talents are not your strengths and how to look at yourself wholistically. (Worth $1500)

*Reprogram in Love Steps: Thru the challenges, you will rewire your brain to think love towards yourself and others.  You will lay the foundations of letting go of guilt and forgive all that needs to be so you can live now, love yourself where you are right now. (Priceless!)

*Building the New Foundation: Now that you can recognize what is not serving you, I help you create new ways to execute a plan of action that works specifically for you. (Priceless!)

*Facebook Transformational Tantra Community: You do not go thru this alone.  You get to join a private group of love warriors on their journey as well and help each other.  As we practice self-love, we also grow our community of love warriors and love each other. (Priceless)

*A working "Growbook© " that we use every step of the way and you look back on for reference.

*Scientific and spiritual approach and techniques combined for optimum growth and learning

-Other valuable and usable resources!

The "Power of the Programming" Program Includes:

-1 month Coaching with one hour a week one-on-one. 

-Individualized Self-Grow Plan

-Includes one month of maintenance weekly 30 min follow up sessions

-Cohort classes to keep attention more individualized

-Growbook© (workbook)

-Weekly class meeting

-Access to the Transformational Tantra Facebook Community

-Access to helpful videos

-Healing Exercises

-Discount on the 4 Day Immersion Retreat

-Guided Meditation and manifestation music

This program is usally priced at $5000, however I understand the struggles during this time and it can be very difficult for many to afford quality guidance.  For a limited time, I am allowing a select few access to the class for a week for a nominal fee.  

The best part is, if you join another program, the Growbook goes with you and it expands to which ever program you are connecting with AND you have your self-grow plan to reference!


If you join the one week workshop, then you get to have access to the 2 month Power of the Programing Masterclass at a discounted rate!  That is right!  Instead of Paying $5000 for a total of 2 months, you only pay $3000!


Total Cost for 2 month program with a month bonus: $3000



Can't Pay All at Once? 

We also have options:

Listen to these Love Warriors......

I have been a fan of tantra for awhile now, and have explored everything from self-study to workshops. I recently learned about Transformational Tantra and was excited to see what it had to offer. They offer a really refreshing perspective on tantra and loving your spirit that is deeply rooted in the spiritual traditions of the East and the basic teachings of spirituality in relationship to ourselves, but with a modern spin. -Victor Sotelo

I really love the message of this program. I know that it has many different programs within it, like the one towards young adults, but I think it's also a great program for anyone looking to make a positive change in their life. The book shows you how to reconnect with your authentic self, and then shows you how to love that person unconditionally. I've been taking everything in and it is really an eye opener for me. - Lee Tyndal

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