Transformational Tantra Coaching


Many times when we want to create ourselves anew, we look only to the outside appearance, but what good is that if our basis of what makes you, you doesn't change to fit that new face? Change comes from inside first to manifest into the beauty that is all you!


We offer holistic approach to starting a new you!   Purchase a la cart, or as a monthly coaching package that fits your specific needs!

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Holistic Hypnotherapy


Holistic Hynotherarpy is a revolutionary natural holistic wellness program that helps you release the negative in your life so you can thrive and live in the light! You are a wonderful, loving being that deserves a full, rich life!
The results are remarkable!  Any challenge you are facing can be suddenly resolved with this method!  


Learn how to  overcome:
Weight Gain
Sexual Addictions
Sexual and Sensuality Issues
Post-Traumatic Stress

And Many, many more!  

You Will Gain:

Knowing your self worth
Self Esteem
Your Life Back!


The "REal" Actor
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Transformational Tantra
Online classes

The Divinity of Loving Oneself!


What is the divinity of you?  Where is your higher spirit and what is its purpose?  Let's find it together.


I offer an online program broken where you can learn to love your authentic spirit and/or the complete Transformational Tantra experience.


Group space is limited for individualized focus.

Classes officially begin Spring of 2022!

Sign up today!!!

Public Speaking

I am available for public speaking on topics of:

-The Pandemic Teacher

-Various Topics in Special Education

-Diverse Learners of Color

-Self-Love and where to begin

-Self-wellness and Wholistic healing

I speak to schools, staff, businesses and more!

Please inquire about rates!

This program is specifically for actors that:

1) Need pre and post work in how to become the character and

2) When the gig is done, releasing the character

And a program for letting go of psychological scripts that prevent you reaching deeper depth with certain characters. 

Program is geared toward emotional and mental work needed to delve into this character.

These are one on one sessions tailored to your needs.  Launching late Spring 2022

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Loving the Authentic Spirit for Teens

This program is specifically for teens that:

1) Suffer with anxiety challenges

2) Depression challenges

3) Self-Esteem challenges

It is a curriculum based program for specifically learning about your strength and focusing on what you can do, not what you can't.

Program is geared toward emotional and behavioral changes needed to accept the beautiful love being you are!

Launching Spring 2022.

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Personal Coaching& Workshops

I give spiritual coaching and guidance based on the Transformational Tantra's program.  I also offer one-day, weekend and retreat workshops for Transformational Tantra.

One-Day workshops: $300

Weekend/Retreat Workshops $500 to $750

4 Day Retreats - $1000 to $1500

All Workshops Include: 


-Access to videos

-Healing Exercises

-A Great Community


-Discounts on future events

Listen to these Love Warriors......

I have been a fan of tantra for awhile now, and have explored everything from self-study to workshops. I recently learned about Transformational Tantra and was excited to see what it had to offer. They offer a really refreshing perspective on tantra and loving your spirit that is deeply rooted in the spiritual traditions of the East and the basic teachings of spirituality in relationship to ourselves, but with a modern spin. -Victor Sotelo

I really love the message of this program. I know that it has many different programs within it, like the one towards young adults, but I think it's also a great program for anyone looking to make a positive change in their life. The book shows you how to reconnect with your authentic self, and then shows you how to love that person unconditionally. I've been taking everything in and it is really an eye opener for me. - Lee Tyndal