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What is Transformational Tantra?

At first.....

I knew something wasn't working....


I was going in circles, repeating my mistakes over and over again. I realized I was choosing to love others, not not myself.

I knew a change had to happen...

built my life off of what was expected of me. I did not build a foundation on loving myself. This fear programming was internally destructive.  I felt alone and afraid. I thought when I had no partner in my life, I wasn't wanted by anyone. I would even get to the point of begging spirit for someone special to love in my life.  Even when I did have a partner, it didn't last. 

The Journey....

One day, I looked in the mirror at myself and said, "No! We don't want or need self pity! We are not a victim!"  It was then, I had the realization I was denying my true spirit, the love of me. I realized if I didn't want me or see my worth, no one else would or appreciate what I offer to the universal community. 


Once I started to love my true spirit, my goals, dreams and purpose became in alignment with my authentic spirit to form my current path.  The best part was I could finally see my purpose.   Now I live my purpose.  This was the birth of Transformational Tantra: Love is the New Awakening. I examined my internal environment, studied external circumstances that effect us all and changed my perspective to get to the love of myself.  

I created a program....

As life is ever changing and evolving, I am able to appreciate the journey no matter how rough it gets.  I accept my flaws and my strengths through the eyes of love knowing I can change, adapt and adjust at any moment of my life. Since then, I have spent my time learning my strengths and making it a goal to always love myself first.  I have been spending time recreating myself in honest love.  Love is everything and it starts with you.....looking at who you truly are.  

In loving myself I am able to love others in their authentic space and are able to take a chance of loving others without prejudice or judgement.  It is not necessary to take on the negative opinons of others or their expectations because I love and honor myself. Can you imagine what this world would look like, if we all loved who we really where?  Then we could truly love one another and create the universal community we were to create.  


I knew I had to share my experiences, what I have been through and create a system that is centered around the foundation of self-love! A program that puts you first at the center.  Without you, there is no change. Without you learning to love you, you cannot progress and manifest the life you need!

Transformational Tantra Is a Quantum Self-Love program that utilizes  subconscious realignment to reprogram your being towards positive shifts in behavior to generate manifestations of a more healed life. I help those seeking authentic transformation  from victimhood and lack mindset, from constantly manifesting the wrong energy to the importance of rediscovering the  wonder of you through the eyes of love! Shifting you to a Love Mindset.  We serve those looking for authentic, positive and permanent change in their lives without guilt or shame, just honest love!


Do you want to know what "Transformational Tantra" is about? Watch the Video


Help you discover the tools you need to take accountability for your own growth and use discipline to foster real change to find your authentic self.

Pink Sugar

Strength Based

We use positive psychology to help you find and look at your strengths and how to use them to your advantage and personal growth


We help your goals to align with your authentic spirit thru self-love and positive behavior changes creating personal alchemiza

Pink Sugar


We show you have to live your plan in balance daily by helping you build a self regulation system and applying the plan.

Pink Sugar

Here it yourself from this love warrior......

I am a big fan of this program. I've been looking for a way to express my feelings creatively and found that Transformational Tantra is really opening up my creativity and expressing myself in a new light. I would recommend “Loving the Authentic Spirit” to any teenager who feels lost in the world, and there are alot of us that have a hard time relating to other people; especially during Covid. This helped me get through a lot of tough times. Thank you Divine. -  O. Pereira

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