What is Transformational Tantra?

At first

I knew something wasn't working....


I was going in circles, repeating my mistakes over and over again and I just couldn't see how to stop my script. Then it dawned on me, I had to ask the question of how I feel about myself. It wasn't a very positive response.

The question was why? I knew I was talented, pretty, smart and overall a pretty nice person; all the qualities of a good human being but I didn't like what I saw in the mirror. I didn't like my weight challenges, I didn't how my face was getting older, I made excuses to not like myself. Why? Why was I living someone else's script?


                                  I knew a change had to happen...



I had built my life off of social programming, but not built on loving myself. The programming we receive from society is based on fear.  Programming can be destructive and gives you no comfort of who you are inside, who your spirit really is.

Since then, I have spent my life learning my strengths and loving myself. I have been spending time recreating myself in love. Love is simply all, the good, the bad and the ugly much like we are, much like we show everyday. Love is everything and it starts with you.....looking at who you really are.  Being who you really are, authentically!


I created a program....


I knew I had to create a program that put "you" at the heart of it. I had to create a system that is centered around the foundation of self-love! A program that puts you first. Without you, there is no change. Without you learning to love you, you cannot progress and manifest the life you need!

Transformational Tantra Is a program that helps an individual manifest the life they need through authenticity, self-love, co-existing with others and acceptance of one’s nature and needs without guilt or shame. Sign up today to change your life!


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Here it from these love warriors......

I am a big fan of this program. I've been looking for a way to express my feelings creatively and found that Transformational Tantra is really opening up my creativity and expressing myself in a new light. I would recommend “Loving the Authentic Spirit” to any teenager who feels lost in the world, and there are alot of us that have a hard time relating to other people; especially during Covid. This helped me get through a lot of tough times. Thank you Divine. -  O. Pereira

I applaud Transformational Tantra for their new idea. Loving the authentic spirit is a new concept of self-love. As a Transformational Tantra practitioner, I believe that self-love is the key to unlocking talent and needs to be an integral part of our lives. A person cannot truly love others until they learn how to love themselves first. The time for this message - Niesha Colbert Jr.