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If you are having challenges, need guidance the divine is trying to show you but your sight is not clear, I can help.

Click the button to the right to be connected via chat.  Wed - Thursday 10am-7pm; Friday - Saturday, 12pm-8pm.


$3 discount for first time callers for the first 5 min.  $5 discount for repeat callers every 5th booking. 

All online text chats are $1.00 a min and a flat fee of $25 for 15 min. 


*Please note this is for entertainment purposes only and does not replace the advice of a mental health and/or medical professional.  Please consult a professional if you are exhibiting these issues that warrant professional help.  I am not a licensed psychotherapist nor offering advice as a medial or psychiatric professional.  I am an ordained minister in the State of California and allowed to offer spiritual counsel and advice.

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Calls are Now Available!!

You able to receive a reading via chat!

Note there is a flat fee of $35 for 30 min with the ability to extend time for $2 a min.

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