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Love is the

New  Awakening


Be bold!  Be Daring!  Be Authentically you! 

Celebrate your new love awakening!

Transformational Tantra

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Pink Sugar

You Are Called to Be More!

You are here because you are feeling this need to find answers.  You are looking, but not finding that right fit to help you get to that next level of transformation. Transformational Tantra was made to move you towards your true destiny - LOVE!

Are you READY to answer your own call back to love?


First and foremost, thank you for being here! 

No really.  Thank you for stopping by and spending the time to know what we are all about. I would be remiss if I let you go any further without you giving me a way to keep in contact with you!


Because I want to give you useful information you can use in real time and I don't want you to miss out on radical concepts that could change your very perception.  Are you open for that?


Thanks for submitting!


What We Do!

We help You Develop Your Best Authentic Self!

At Transformational Tantra, we help you become aware of the programming that no longer serves you to find your AUTHENTIC voice.  You will then be able to begin your path towards true self-love!

If you are tired of the excuses, tired of no real change and really want to transform into the beautiful, creative being you are, then you are in the right place. 

Divine channels that sacred and primordial love energy using her empathic gifts of sight and healing to help you create a plan to move forward, like the mighty elephant. Never looking back. 

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