Finally....A Program Centered Around My Personal Growth!




Led by Divine Celiane - Teacher, Spiritual Healer-Advisor and Love Coach

20+ Years of Combined Professional Experience.

You are here because you are searching for something precious... 

You know you need a change.

You know the answer is out there.   But what?


What you are searching for...... is you. 

And I am here to help you find your authentic spirit!

I am offering a free webinar class for a select few for 5 days!

Over those 5 days, you will be able to collaborate, engage, learn, who you really are.  

-You will gain important gems and tools to help you reach back to your real self!

-You will start looking at habits 

-You will start to change your perception

-You will realize what is possible will walk away with tools for a healthy mindset!

It is my pleasure to walk with you on your journey, and I'm excited to see the beginnings of the transformation!

Are you ready to do this?

Let's go!

You Will Learn How To


Look and accept yourself authentically with love!


Improve your outlook to start manifesting your needs!


Learn to Recieve and Manifest!

We HelP

Loving the Authentic Student

Too many of our educators are in the classroom and have missed the main component of teacher, loving and the Student. I help administrators regain and love what they do.  I help teachers get out of their ego and remember why we are here by looking at the importance of knowing our students, not making excuses for them or the families in which they come but taking up that accountability of if you have to be the one to teach love, then do that. 

Services offered om a  consultant basis

The ever popular
"Loving the Authentic Spirit"
This workshop helps you to break the scripts and develop your own truth through self-love being the foundation.  this workshop and series helps you to get past all the negatives and lies we have been told and tell ourselves.  You can see the truth and beauty in your own existence. 
You ask why? Why is this necessary?
So  that we may love ourselves and others fully. 
I offer workshops to education professionals, school districts and schools; teens and children and adults. 
I offer this series as a class for 6 week classes, 1 to 3 day workshops and retreats.

We Teach


Transformational Tantra Series​

Once you are on your path to loving you, what has that created for your and your energetic field and your ability to give and receive touch and intimacy? In this series we examine "Transformational Tantra".   We learn the basics of real tantra in controlling desires and wants but then speaking the truths of needs and being able to give.  You learn what equal exchange is and the constant laws of the universe to live the tantric meditative balance of real energetic sensuality in giving and receiving to yourself in everyday life and in relationship with others. 

Through blending both meditative and practice, you will be able to transform you thoughts, your actions, intention and spirit for the highest good for all - and for yourself. 

What People Say

I have known and worked alongside Michele for many years. As a spiritual advisor/coach/guru she is unmatched in the west. Her background in the esoteric and its applications is deep and covers many bases. I would recomend any offering of hers.

Aron McKeag, CA

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